Who are We?

We are a group of people who enjoy getting outdoors. That can be in the interests of helping someone with their garden. Or for the pleasure of climbing in the Himalayas. We have walked tracks in the area of Sydney, the Kokoda Track, the Annapurna Circuit (Nepal), the Overland Track (in winter) and climbed Kilimanjaro. We have our eyes on Machu Pichu, Elbrus and for some, even Everest. We have weeded a few gardens and moved our share of houses as well.
Our leaders have a wide range of experience in trekking and trek leadership. They have all been cleared via the National Police Check (certificates available) and hold current First Aid Certificates.
Where we undertake expeditions or adventurous activities such as white water rafting we do so via third party enterprises. Our farm visits are sponsored by the government of South Australia under their volunteer program.
If you want to join us on any of our activities you need to be over sixteen years old. If aged between 16 and 18 we will need you to return a parental approval form to us. A copy can be downloaded from the Forms and Policies page.
We are members of Bushwalking NSW.
We are an independent group of outdoor enthusiasts. Blue Steel Dash is a NSW Incorporated Association. Details of our corporate documents can be found here.


Born and raised in NZ Bruce is infected with that country’s tramping and outdoors DNA. He retired a military commission after 20 years in the Australian military during which time he gained extensive leadership experience. He has been leading youth and young adult related activities in various forms and guises since 1975. He is currently participating in various alpine training courses in NZ to prepare him for planned attempts on 8000m peaks. A former member of St Johns Ambulance for five years he holds a current first aid (Apply First Aid) certificate and a Remote Area First Aid certificate. Current and clear National Criminal Check (wef 8 April 2013) and current 'Working with Children Check'.
Kavitha was immersed in the Canadian outdoors (Nova Scotia) from a very early age and has explored the natural world in all sorts of exotic places ever since. She is a keen trekker but has also turned her hand to abseiling and climbing. She hold a current Apply First Aid certificate and has a clear 'Working with Children Check'. Kavitha is our environment officer.
Frank coordinates our farm and other activities in South Australia. A former member of the British special forces he has extensive survival training and experience in arctic and desert warfare. Awarded an MBE by the Queen for something daring and dashing in Europe - he will tell us about it one day - he has strong leadership experience and deep knowledge of outdoors living. He has extensive paramedic training.
Chris is a country Victorian lad and spent many years with the RAAF Air Training Corps as a leader, trainer and mentor. He has a solid repertoire of outdoor experience as well as adventurous activities such as parachuting. Chris has walked Kokoda and Annapurna with this group. He has a current first aid (Apply First Aid) certificate.
Rod is also infected with an outdoors and tramping affliction and he and his family have been camping and participating in outdoors activities for more years than he cares to remember. Rod has led the practical and trade related activities in South Australia and is a keen supporter of all our bushwalking activities. He has a current first aid (Apply First Aid) certificate. Current and clear National Criminal Check (wef 5 April 2013)
Lynda is part of a camping and outdoors family and has been part of our South Australia adventures. She is our 'Reporting Officer' and has a current 'Working with Children Check'.