Kilimanjaro 2014

Blue Steel Dash are climbing Kilimanjaro in December 2014.
8-23 December. That allows some of you to make it to your schoolies celebration.
If you wish to go there is still time to get your applications in A deposit is needed.
Application form is at this link: APPLICATION FORM
The timetable can be downloaded here: KILIMANJARO TIMETABLE Ailrines are confirmed and seat deposits paid.
The Acclimatisation Plan can be downloaded here: ACCLIMATISATION PLAN (blue line is theoretical ideal, red line is the original plan, the green line is the Blue Steel Dash plan).
Other Useful Documents
Acute Mountain Sickness Paper
Day 1 Climbing Notes
Day 2 Climbing Notes
Day 3 Climbing Notes
Day 4 Climbing Notes
Day 5 Climbing Notes
East Africa Culture Tips
Gear List
Health Guide
Map of Kilimanjaro Routes

Wikipedia link to Kilimanjaro is here. It is worth reading and heeding the warnings about how serious this trek is. We need to make sure we are physically fit for this.