Kokoda 2020

We are doing Kokoda agan! Once was not enough.
Seriously, this trek will be on that lasts with you forever. It is a homage to men who did amazing things in defence of our country. And all with very limited resources. It's an informative, moving and emotional trek.
And, having done it befoer we can assure you it is not as tough as all the naysayers make it out to be. However the more preparation you put into this, the more you will enjoy the experience.
A bonus of this trek is that the Kokoda Track is still a major commercial route connecting villages across the mountains, so you interact with residents in their villages and as they move along the track going about thier business. It's a real highlight.
We are trakking with the same group we trekked with last time. And we are very pleased to say that our guide will be the same guide. You will enjoy his company.

Handy Documents
Ten days on the track has the potential to do your head in. This document needs an editing update but you might still find it useful as part of your preparation.
The orginal Aide Memoir is also a good introduction.
More to follow... - food planning, drinks, fitness, advice re gear, and so on.