Volunteering and Community

We do more than just please ourselves with our adventures. We get out and about helping others as well.Description of photo here Our members have worked in a charity in Hong Kong, weeded gardens, moved house for friends and are regular, even addicted volunteers in South Australia where they undertake a wide range of activities on a farm in a remote part of that state. The South Australian government recognised the effort put in by members of our group in an article they recently published in their monthly magazine.

Supporting Legacy

In 2015 Blue Steel Dash entered a team in the ANZAC Ultra, a 435km run in Canberra which is part commemoration of the centenary of the 1915 ANZAC landings at Gallipoli and part fundraiser for Legacy. More about the ANZAC Ultra can be found here.
In 2013 and 2016 we participated in the OXFAM Sydney Trailwalker - watch this space. We hope to have another team compete in 2019.