We love where we walk. And we are convicted that we need to do what we can to preserve what we have.
Here are some resources that point us at a range of natural history and conservation interests.

A stunning bird resource can be found at Birdlife Australia
Yup, there are a whole lot of folk out there who are passionate about these things. Try the Sydney Fungal Society to start with. We bumped into quite of a few of them on Mill Track - fascinating.
Hard to find a detailed resource aimed at folk like us (most resources seem to be aimed at miners). But the Geological Survey of NSW has an interesting resource at Also check the Geological Survey of NSW site.
The CSIRO has a handy What Bug is That? site which helps you nail down any member of the 600+ insect families in this country.
Or you can try the Entomology Australia Curriculum website.

Native Plants
Australian Plants Society
Royal Botanic Garden, Plants of NSW

Wildlife of Sydney
The Australia Museum has a lot of really useful resources such as this Wildlife of Sydney link.

New South Wales
NSW Office of Environment and Heritage
Includes resources such as the "Managing Wild Horses in Kosciuszko" and the "Wattamolla draft Master Plan".
NSW Biodiversity Legislation - National Parks, Vegetation, Nature Conservation, Threatened Species
Department of Industry, Resources, and Energy

Australian Geographic
Department of the Environment
The Atlas of Living Australia is a fabulous resource (click here) that covers not only this continent but connects you to global resources through the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.