First Aid

We encourage everyone to receive and retain basic first aid skills. Some in the team have additonal remote area first aid qualifications and we conduct remote area first aid training session on a semi regular basis.

Minimum First Aid Resources

When walking in the Australian bush a couple of stretch bandages are a good idea. Some of us are in the practise of having one in our pockets and addtional stretch banadages in our packs. In the first instance the stretch bandage is a handy resource if you are trying to handle snake bite. But it can be used for such a wide range of other first aid as well. Consider one bandage folded to create a pressure pad, with a second used to hold it in place for a knife wound for example.

First Aid Resources and Planning for Longer Trips

Consider not just the first aid resources you might find in a standard first aid kit but the resources you might need in the place you are trekking. Are reliable antibiotics available? Most often they are not - in fact you should assume that all the best trekking destinations are also those places where it is highly likely that genuine medications are NOT available. Do you have medications for stomach ailments? For pain and swelling. For fever? Are you prepared to handle seroius bleeding wounds. Can you handle a broken bone? Punctured lung?