Training and Preparation

Training And Fitness

Training and fitness is about being physically prepared as well as mentally prepared. For short excursions mental preparation can simply be nothing more than being willing to do the activity and to enjoy it. For longer excursions more self awareness is required in your mental preparation. The document linked below might help with your preparation for those long trips.
How much physical preparation is required really depends on the type of ground you will cover. However the fitter you are, regardless of the scenario, the more likely you are to enjoy the whole experience. The team from Kokoda Spirit put together a very helpful guide for preparation for the Kokoda trek. It’s a very good guide for preparing for any long haul trek that has any serious climbing in it. The guide is linked in below.
If you have committed to an extreme hike you need to commit to an appropriate training routine prior to leaving. The best way to do that is to join in the group training activities. it’s always easier to do when you are in a group.
Snow Caves - click here
Long Distance Walking - the Mental Game - click here
Kokoda Spirit training program - click here
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