Trip Planning

Trip Planners
When appropriate we will post here outlines of trip plans as well as itineraries so you can see what to expect. They are a great resource for family and friends to see where you might/should be on the planet. And you might find them useful at a later date when you are planning your own expeditions.

Kilimanjaro November 2014
Cradle Mountain July 2013
Annapurna July 2012
Kokoda October 2010 (via Kokoda Spirit)
The following Planners are ’pre loaded’ though will require completing before each walk. They are linked here for those joining us and wanting to understand something about our regular training routes.
Training Course Trekking Planner - Wattamolla (Easy) Click here
Training Course Trekking Planner - Cowan/Berowra (Hard) Click here
(Download Bushwalking Planning template here)

“We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started... and know the place for the first time.”T.S.Eliot
“People don’t get it. He didn’t even have a fuckin’ map; what kind of idiot? THAT was the point. There’s no blank spots on the map anymore, anywhere on earth. If you want a blank spot on the map, you gotta leave the map behind.” Jon Krakauer